Friday, April 23, 2010

Pond Vision International

Well, today we got some bad news- Josh did not pass the bar. When it happened the first time we were devastated, but this time we are just plainly in shock. Our hope, of course, is that there is some mistake. My sister has a theory- he made such a high score that they are re-grading to make sure he did not cheat. I like the sound of that. Seriously though, I feel like now is a good time to announce our next endeavor. I have been waiting for the right time, and it has finally come. Starting on May 1st we are officially kicking off Pond Vision International ™- think World Vision and our family is the World. Just like in World Vision you have a chance to sponsor a child! For just pennies a day you can change the life of a little Ethiopian forever. For less than a cup of coffee a day you can make a Russian girl have a real chance for success in life. Each month we will send pictures, updates and even drawings from the child you sponsor. Don’t wait- make the call today and be a hero forever.

Here are the levels of Monthly Giving and Benefits:

$1-$49- FRIEND- Your name will appear on our website as one who gives, but is a tad cheap. This thoughtful donation can be used towards diapers and goldfish crackers for the month.

$50-$149- PATRON- Your name will also appear on our website with a small picture. This donation can pay for one child’s medication per month- sanity in a bottle.

$150- $499- PACESETTER- With this level of generosity you will have a large picture on our website bragging about how wonderful you are, we will mail you an 8x10 portrait of our family, and you will most likely go to heaven. This donation will help pay for a few therapy sessions each month!

$500- $999- ANGEL- As an example of kindness and love you will have a link on our website with a biography stating just how wonderful you are. We will mail you an 11x17 portrait of our family; you will definitely go to heaven and will probably even sit pretty close to St. Peter. At this level of donation you will be able to help us buy things like, therapeutic swings, weighted blankets, headphones for therapeutic listing and more!

$1000- $4999- CHAMPION- Seriously, need I say all of the wonderful things that will surely happen in your life? Heaven is an absolute, there will definitely be a mansion waiting, and you will have lots of money and friends on earth. At this level you will change a child’s life forever! We would be able to buy specialized beds, completely child-proof our home and even pay for around-the-clock care for a special little fellow.

$5000 +- HERO- Enough said. You would not only be our hero, but everyone else’s. There will be books and legends all about how much you truly care and support needy children all over Beaverton! We would be able to take our little ones to places like, Paris, Italy, Switzerland and more! Hey, we could even build a house on a lake for our family!

Baked Goods- DEALER- If money is not plentiful do not fret- there are other ways to make a difference. Sugar and chocolate- enough said. Now, this is not really for the children, but more of a coping mechanism for the parents. The only thing I can say as far as benefits are concerned is that you can also make baked good for yourself at the same time. That way we will all be fat and happy!

So, mail your donations today to: Pond Vision International, PO Box Care, Beaverton, OR 77777 (God’s favorite number).

As hard as this is for me to say, I truly believe that God has a plan in all this and we are just waiting to see what it is. Josh and I are planning to take a step back and figure out what to do next and where we are supposed to be. Is God leading us in a different direction or are we learning what dependence on God really looks like? Through it all, I am so thankful for my husband and family- I love my life and would not change anything about it (well, except for the whole passing the bar thing).

Sunday, April 11, 2010

So, there are 52 weeks in a year- that means...

Thursday I went to the doctor- big surprise- nothing big, just annoying. Well, I proceeded to the pharmacy afterwards to pick up prescriptions- not one, not two, but five medications!!! Oh my life… Anyway, this just reminded me about a fun annual “event” I get to participate in- taxes. Each year I have the “opportunity” to go through mounds of receipts and such to figure out our medical expenses for the year. I am organized enough to have it all filed together, just not motivated to keep a running total (too depressing). This year I put it all in an excel doc so I could delineate which receipt went to what type of expense. I thought it was depressing before, but when it was all in I realized that I went to the pharmacy 50 times and to Dr/Therapy appointments at least 123 times. Seriously, it is all making sense to me now as to why I have so many “friends” in the medical field. They are paid to be my friend- they have to like me. I am the reason they can sleep well at night knowing that their houses and cars will be paid off soon. They love me! At least I think they do- I wonder if they would charge a co-pay to hang out? Now, the big shock is when the grand total appears- goodness gracious- that is all I can say (well, I could say a lot more, but I don’t want to get kicked off of the internet just yet). So, after I drink myself to sleep I wake up the next day and just put it all behind me- on my way to a therapy appointment with Timothy of course.