Sunday, April 11, 2010

So, there are 52 weeks in a year- that means...

Thursday I went to the doctor- big surprise- nothing big, just annoying. Well, I proceeded to the pharmacy afterwards to pick up prescriptions- not one, not two, but five medications!!! Oh my life… Anyway, this just reminded me about a fun annual “event” I get to participate in- taxes. Each year I have the “opportunity” to go through mounds of receipts and such to figure out our medical expenses for the year. I am organized enough to have it all filed together, just not motivated to keep a running total (too depressing). This year I put it all in an excel doc so I could delineate which receipt went to what type of expense. I thought it was depressing before, but when it was all in I realized that I went to the pharmacy 50 times and to Dr/Therapy appointments at least 123 times. Seriously, it is all making sense to me now as to why I have so many “friends” in the medical field. They are paid to be my friend- they have to like me. I am the reason they can sleep well at night knowing that their houses and cars will be paid off soon. They love me! At least I think they do- I wonder if they would charge a co-pay to hang out? Now, the big shock is when the grand total appears- goodness gracious- that is all I can say (well, I could say a lot more, but I don’t want to get kicked off of the internet just yet). So, after I drink myself to sleep I wake up the next day and just put it all behind me- on my way to a therapy appointment with Timothy of course.

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