Thursday, October 21, 2010

May I See Your ID Please?

Another exciting doctor visit for Timothy! This one was with his Developmental Pediatrician who we only see about every 6-8 months. She is the one who keeps track of the long-term issues with Timothy. Well, I think she is great, but extremely blunt and most definitely does not candy coat anything. The first few times we saw her I left shell-shocked and feeling like the worst mom in history. Now, I really appreciate how she gets to the point even though I don’t really like the point. Where am I going with this? Well, among many other things she wants us to be thinking about is getting Timothy some type of ID bracelet in case he runs away or we somehow loose him. This is way more than I can stand to think about, but I understand the idea of being proactive. That being said I am now left to figure out what type of bracelet to get him. They have a really neat one with GPS, but I really don’t want to go that high-tech quite yet. Timothy has an amazing ability to destroy things, so it needs to be really tough. What I am thinking of now is buying in bulk those plastic (sorry environmentalists) bracelets like you get at a concert or waterpark that lock. You can put your own logo on them- what a bonus! Before I do that though I thought I would see if anyone else has ideas. What do you think?
Thanks for your help!!!


  1. I don't have any ideas, but I do like the pic and the idea of the plastic bracelets.

  2. when you say "sorry environmentalists" I hope I am not the one you were thinking about......