Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Poofed Out!

I was going upstairs with Madeline yesterday to put her to bed and she said, “Whew! I am really poofed out!” It is so hard to not laugh because she is trying so hard to be grown up and I don’t want to always correct her, so I just said, “I bet” and left it there.

I do sympathize with her though. Last weekend really poofed me out. On Friday my super sweet and responsible nanny was driving my car when someone hit her (by her I mean my sa-weet minivan). The other people have insurance and no one is disputing anything, it is really just another thing I have to coordinate and deal with- so sad. On Saturday though, Josh and I were being super great parents and decided to take the kids swimming at our local rec center. Taking our crew anywhere is not for the faint at heart, much less swimming. We really did have a good time though. Madeline loves the water- always has. Timothy is pretty amusing when he swims. He LOVES to put his head underwater. Sounds fairly normal, but when you look around and see the little guy constantly putting his head underwater (quite forcefully I might add) for about 20 seconds, then pulling it out gasping for breath only to repeat the process again and again- well, you get the picture. He really does like being in the swimming pool and Josh and I just take turns being man-handled and stared at by others. Sadie had a blast too. The rec center has a really fun slide, which Sadie very hesitantly ventured onto only to realize how magnificent it was. I think she went on it about 20 times. So, all in all, it was a lot of fun. That is, until we went to leave. Someone decided that they would benefit from taking our possessions. Meaning, our phones and my watch were stolen. Usually we do not bring this stuff in with us, but I guess we both were distracted and did not think about it. I have never had anything like that happen, so this is a whole new adventure for me. In the scheme of life having those things stolen is not a big deal, but it has been really tough. The watch was a gift from Josh when he passed the bar (we always joked that I would get the graduation gift once the whole school thing was over, and I did) and the phone was really one of my favorite things. Sounds silly, but I had an iPhone and I had everything on it. It was a 3Gs, so it had a little video recorder and it took good pictures. Call me sentimental, but I really love to watch the little videos I take of the kids- it makes me smile. Even though I know it is only stuff and it is not the end of the world, I am just totally bummed out. I feel like someone is walking around with a piece of my life. I don’t want them to be able to watch videos of my kids or look at my address book. I don’t like that I had to go and change passwords for everything I could think of or that I now have to start over on a new phone. Why can’t we all just be nice to each other?

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