Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring "Break"

One question, who said Spring Break is a break? I know moms who love when their kids are home from school. They say things like, “We just have so much fun doing nothing” or, “It is just nice to not have to get up early” or one of my recent fav’s, “we are just going to lie around and swim and just hang out as a family.” Now doesn’t that sound like fun? Well, yes, they all sound fun, but none of those are my life. No school means, frantically trying to come up with things to do with kids while still needing to work. This spring break is especially crazy because work is very busy (woo hoo!) and Timothy is very busy (not woo hoo). Here is an excerpt from an email this morning to my business partner, Liz, “Sure thing chicken wing. I am a little silly right now. Maybe it is the shots of rum each time Timothy pulls out a book.” If only it were true… Well, I would probably not want it to be true for two reasons. 1. Rum is gross and 2. Passing out drunk would mean that I would wake up to sirens, screaming or (best case scenario) my house completely destroyed. Oh well, it sounded like a good idea at the time.

Back to spring break. To say that this week has been a break would be a blatant lie. I am tired, so tired. Tuesday at 8pm I had to stop working because I was getting ditzy, I mean, dizzy. I literally walked to get a file and lost my balance. Whew, good times. Oh, and this week I decided or I guess Sadie decided that she no longer needs a morning nap. Why does that matter, you ask? Well, it basically means that Sadie is a basket case mid-morning and then late evening. She is really perfecting the art of pitching a fit, complete with flailing arms, hitting and throwing herself onto the floor (I thought this was a 2-year old thing to do- why wasn’t I warned?). We did get to go to the coast the other day and it really was fun. Timothy and Sadie each consumed large amounts of sand, but I have long gotten over germs. I am so thankful that my friend Karen and her son came along, she and I each took a “little” and went with it. Sadie was obsessed with getting in the water and Timothy with getting into everything. They each had a blast and Karen and I got a work out. I have not figured out why she even wants to hang out with me. She has a nice calm life with one cute little boy and well, you know what my life is like. Good thing spring break is just one week- shoot!!!!- Timothy has a two-week break. Oh, why me?!

Okay, I am done for the day. Instead of shots though, I am going to treat myself to a nice, sugary treat. Hopefully the sugar will help me forget about my friends enjoying their relaxing spring breaks- I better make an extra pan of brownies tonight.

I love the Oregon coast- beautiful, the water is too cold to swim in and you get to wear a jacket most of the time. Perfect for the pigment challenged!

Sadie is in her 3rd pair of pants for the day.

They just have to have a stick- why is that?
This is Madeline standing by a group with a bonfire- I told her she could not join the group of strangers, so she just stood by looking pitiful.

Timothy, sitting, how wonderful!

Well, not anymore.
So, is this what people mean by children relaxing?

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  1. I think you and I had this conversation just a few days ago.... I agree, I am not one who looks forward to my kids being grouchy, naughty and plain ol nasty to each other all day long during spring break!