Thursday, February 25, 2010

Here we go again!

Wow, apparently I spoke/wrote too soon when I blogged about our adventures in travel. I think the latest trip officially won the prize for insane travel experiences. The plane ride on the way to Texas was just fine. We even received multiple complements on how organized we were and how the kids behaved. That is where it ended. When we arrived in Houston we had a 2 hour drive to get to my parents house in Groves (amazing metropolis- there truly is no comparison). We stopped to grab dinner half way and let the kids get some wiggles out. Well, when we got back in the car I began to feel a little twinge of pain in my abdomen. Rather than being responsible by pulling over and having someone else drive I pushed through. I honestly thought it was just a cyst on my ovary bursting (tmi- I know, if you don’t want to hear more I would just stop reading now) which happens on a regular basis and goes away fairly quickly. Not so, it just got gradually worse and worse. I just pushed through though- I wanted to get home. I was even doing the whole cold sweat thing and clenching the steering wheel while doing some breathing. I am sure Karen was a tad scared, but I assured her I was fine (I think this will tarnish my reputation when it comes to telling the truth about how I feel). Anyway, we got home safely and I managed to freak my parent completely out. I climbed out of the car; which was no small feat (it was a huge Ford Expedition because they ran out of minivans- ahh Texas and their huge vehicles). I walked slowly to my parents door completely bent over- so much drama. When they opened the door and excitedly said, “Look who's home!!!” I burst into tears and said I needed to lie down and they needed to help with the kids. I am normally not a dramatic person, so this was not expected to say the least. After lying on the bed giving directions on how to put the kids to bed and instructions on how to put up the crib tent, etc my mom and Karen made me go to the ER. My dad even ran a red light to get there as fast as possible- this is a man who has never gotten a ticket (so you can imagine how much mercy we got as teenage drivers). We arrived at the hospital and eventually got into a room. The staff was SO impressive with their lack of emotion and extreme country accents. While lying in pain I got to listen to them try to explain to another woman what a barista is- high class! Well, it turns out I had an ectopic pregnancy that was implanted on a cyst on my ovary (see, it was related to a cyst!) and was bleeding internally. I had to have surgery immediately. My doctor only partially freaked me out with her lack of real concern- it was mind-boggling.

She just held her coffee and looked put-out to be called in so early. I am glad I was delirious in pain otherwise I may have asked questions. Luckily, I made it out okay and am recovering. I am so blessed that my family and friends were there. They all jumped in and helped with the kids without question. I spent the rest of the trip laying around and not being helpful at all. If you think this is the end of the drama though you are wrong. Timothy put an explanation point on the whole crazy trip by getting sick and throwing up during most of the flight home. I am pretty sure Karen and Ashley will never come with me on any trip longer than a ride to the grocery store. Happy Trails- I can't wait until next time!


  1. Hey, Jen!! I just found your blog! Where did I see you recently? It was a blur, I can't remember. I'm sorry you went through all that pain [again] are one resilient mama! Yee-haw!

  2. insane. I cannot believe it. *dumbfounded* Maybe it's this HUGE compliment that God thinks you have such a high threshold for pain and suffering? He's like, "Jen? Oh, pshaw, she can handle a little emergency surgery and more vomity kids! That'll be a piece of cake!"

    On the upside, you'll get dinner made for you when you get back! Let me know what you do and/or don't like :) I'm signed up for the 8th :)

  3. Are you freaking kidding me? You almost died and you are able to write a blog entry about it and still be sane. I hope you know that you are one of my personal heroes ! I would call you right now if I wasn't sure you were asleep. Plus I am feeling a little pissed off at God on your behalf (since I know that you are incapable of this!) and I am going to go shake my fist at him before I go to bed!

  4. That is an insane amount of travel bad-luck. Hope the rest of your recovery goes well.