Sunday, February 28, 2010

We don't need it anyway!

This weekend my fabulous friend and business partner, Liz, decided that we needed a getaway. This was planned before the whole emergency surgery thing (see last post), which made the weekend all that more needed. Josh and I have this superhuman ability to forget important things when we go somewhere- it is quite uncanny. It is usually not a trip ruiner (not a word, I know); nevertheless it is always something that would have made the trip better. This trip- a swimsuit for Josh. It would be for me as well, but I can’t swim with my 3 incisions gig. Yes, we are at a really neat spa place called the Bonneville Hot Springs Resort and Spa. They tend to run really good specials in the off season and we figured, what the hell, Josh just finished the BAR and we are super poor already, why not stack on a little more for a sanity saving 24 hours. They have a great facility with an indoor pool, sauna, hot tub, etc. Josh loves this type of thing, but, sadly, cannot participate nude. I have a fun spa appointment, so I am not too worried about it. I have no idea what Josh is going to do though (I can’t say that I care too much- I will be in blissful relaxation mode, quite possibly asleep though due to my drugs/ weakness from loss of blood). Anyway, this forgetful act is not too bad, but it made me remember another trip where our absent mindedness was a little more memorable.

Camping in Wisconsin. That’s right- we camp- kinda. Well, we have all of the stuff and can make it happen. We come off like total morons when you compare us to our friends here who have an enormous amount of camping paraphernalia. Wait- are we the dorks? I guess that depends on who you ask. Before we left Wisconsin we wanted to go somewhere we had not been- Door County. So, we decided to go camping with just the fam (I am sure we asked, but no one else could come along). We packed up and headed to our destination, excited about taking the kids to a new place- we were ready for 2 days of fun. We arrived with plenty of time to set up, make dinner and even enjoy some s’mores. The weather was nice- super exciting stuff. Well, as Josh and Madeline (she was a huge help) set up the tent Josh could not find the tent poles. He looked everywhere and in everything. Come to find out, they do not fit in the nice and neat little bag that the rest of the tent stuff goes into. I knew this piece of information, but I failed to

pass it on to Josh. Did we give up? Did we just pack up and find a hotel or go home? No! I found a clothes line purchased in the camping section at Wal-mart for $0.99! That and some bungee cords and voila- a tent- kinda! Hey, it did the job. Did we get lots of crazy looks? Did we notice people coming by more than once walking slowly past our spot? Did we hear sly comments and little snickers? Yes, oh yes we did. Good thing we have a sense of humor and would just smile and fake laugh as people stared with their -I am a better camper than you- look. The only time it was really annoying was when we actually needed to sleep in the tent. Timothy was fine in his pack’n’play, but the rest of us had a nice little blanket hanging about 6 inches from our face all night. Needless to say, we woke up early, packed up and left to check out the nearby town, which was quite cute. It was a memorable trip even if it was cut short.

Now, we forget stuff all the time- an attribute that makes my brother-in-law Wayne wake up in the middle of the night screaming and soaked in sweat. Things like, jackets, socks, medications, drivers licenses, phone chargers, keys, diapers- you get the idea. It does not and will not discourage us from pushing forward- ready to see what we will forget on our next trip!

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