Friday, February 12, 2010


This week has been pretty stressful, to say the least. In fact, I should be working right now, but my brain is mush. Let’s just say one of the minor issues of the week happened yesterday when we woke up to a leak in the garage. Oh yes, the week just kept getting better and better. Rather than going into it (too depressing), I thought I would share a few recent stores of my ditsy demise. Some of these things happen on a regular basis and others are just one-time (hopefully) incidents. Where to begin…

Pretty much every morning I have a hard time concentrating and remembering what I am doing in the shower- not in a gross way- but I will just forget if I have shampooed my hair and have to stop and think for a minute. Most frequently I can’t remember if I have rinsed the conditioner out (I went through a period of forgetting to rinse and then realizing later in the day that my hair is super slick), so I tend to just keep rinsing. Well, this morning I am pretty sure I did everything twice- I just could not get it together. You may be thinking that I was tired and just woke up, sadly though that was not the case, I had been awake for over an hour working out. It has nothing to do with drowsiness.

The other day I mistakenly squirted saline solution on my toothbrush- who needs minty fresh breath when your teeth can see so clearly?

Yesterday I went upstairs three times before I could remember why- medicine- how fitting.

A few days ago I was trying to get out of the house in a hurry (wait- am I ever not in a hurry?) and I could not find my phone. I was frantically looking everywhere I usually loose it when I realized that I was actually on the phone. Nice.

Pretty much all the time I will ask Josh what a movie is about that we are about to see. Well, by the 4th time I ask I can usually remember (well, at least I pretend to). Not to worry though, I preface my asking with, “I am sure I have already asked you this, but what is this movie about again?”

On a regular basis I will be driving somewhere and completely end up at Target or the grocery store- why is this strange? Well, I am usually headed somewhere completely in another direction.

The other day I had to go back to the car twice (in the rain) before I remembered to get the prescription that I needed to fill, which was the only reason I was going to that store. Why has there been more than one mention of meds? It is scary how many drugs are consumed in our house :).

Last week I put my contacts in the wrong eyes. This wouldn’t be too funny except how long it took me to realize that they were switched and considering that one eye is significantly worse than the other. It was making me dizzy and light headed, funny that I did not consider this out of the ordinary.

There was another time when…wait- what was it again? Nevermind…

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  1. I totally remember you leaving conditioner in your hair!!!