Friday, March 12, 2010

Over it!

Today was a crazy day. Just one of those days where there is too much to do even without things happening like, the sitter being sick or a realtor misplacing a key for your client’s new home. Not knowing those things when I woke up this morning I was already "full" for the day. This seems to be my life though, especially for the last month or so. You already know about the whole surgery debacle- I felt like that was probably good for me at least for a month or so. Oh, but no, I went ahead and added a ruptured eardrum and a stomach virus (which everyone in our family shared- Sadie twice) to the mix. I mean, seriously! There have been some good things too, like business is getting busier which, for realtors, means you are actually selling houses and a friend of mine is making me cookies. Today though, it really hit me and I may or may not have said way way too many bad words. Not to worry, when I was around the kids I only said them in my head (at least that is my stance). This afternoon though on my third trip to the Target pharmacy for the week (I have no idea how many times this month) it became official- even the Pharmacists think I am pitiful. Just a note about my friends, the Target pharmacy team, they all know me too well. I very rarely have to use my or any of my kids names when I walk up to get a prescription. When I was there with a friend picking up her meds they went ahead and looked to make sure I didn’t have any waiting for pick-up. It totally weirded my friend out that they knew me so well and that more than one of the clerks said hello. How sweet it is when you are so well known by an entire team of pharmacists that they enquire about your children when they are not with you. This would not be a big deal in a small town like my hometown, Groves, TX, where you have lived there forever and know everyone. No, this is a huge city. I guess I also have a tendency to befriend everyone. Even when I am feeling like total bunk I just have to smile and say hello. When I told one of my friends that I went to Texas A&M where it is tradition to say “Howdy” to everyone you pass, she thought it was the strangest thing she had ever heard- I thought the whole tradition was wonderful! It is hard to be in a bad mood when you smile and talk to random strangers all the time. So, I guess I just need to start feeling better so that I can get on the road to recovery, one in which I do not have to be BFF’s with all the medical personnel in Portland.

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