Thursday, March 18, 2010


Here is another section about the difficulty in keeping Timothy safe/my sanity intact. Keeping Timothy in bed is and has been for a long time insanely hard. We are on crib tent #5 at least. What is a crib tent, you ask? It is a canopy type thing that supposedly keeps children in their cribs and therefore prevents broken bones and the like. One day about two years ago Timothy suddenly decided to break free from the confines of the crib. This was after he more or less destroyed his first crib (hey, a kid likes to jump- right?). It just occurred to me how much he hates his bed. Interesting… Anyway, we had no idea what to do. While trying to figure this out we transitioned the crib into a toddler bed and he would just wander around his room for hours until falling asleep on the floor somewhere. So, we would go in and put

him back in his bed before we went to sleep. As much fun as that sounds, when I say wander what I really mean is take everything out of every crevice and this was before he could open doors, turn on lights and was not yet much of a climber (ahhh, those were the days). Well, while at a coffee shop one day that had a little playroom a mom told me about the blessed crib tent. It really was a life-saving find. We were so excited! Since then though Timothy has gone through (and by gone through I mean completely destroyed) 4 crib tents. He is quite a problem solver (sugarcoated term for someone who will do anything to get what he wants)! #5 is actually pretty new- less than a month old- and he has already managed to rip a good section out of it. Tonight when I put him in bed he escaped in less than two minutes. I was wondering why he eyed me so intently as I was leaving the room when, before I could even put Sadie in her pajamas, Timothy’s light came on. Keep in mind that Josh had to work late so I was putting 3 kids to bed by myself. After I decided against pitching a total hissy-fit complete with kicking and screaming, I went downstairs and got a bunch of zip ties. At this point, and I am sure not for long, the crib tent is tightly fastened to his bed with those plastic zip ties that can supposedly keep things in place quite well. I am sure Timothy can push through and work out how to escape- it is just a matter of time. I am now out of ideas though. I really cannot figure out what to do to keep him in his bed at night. I just don’t know what to do. I would love suggestions, so if you have any ideas please email me at Keep in mind that we are trying to find a job for Timothy- someone to test child-proofing or toy durability. I think if Timothy is unable to break something it is unbreakable. Please help me!!!

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