Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh, what a great mom I am!

I have been lazying around today eating bonbons and thinking about what a terrific mom I am. I mean, I do so much for my 3 little blessings... Okay, enough of that. You see how I could not even go more than 2 sentences being cushy? Seriously though, I was talking to my sister today and glancing at my calendar when I realized how funny all of the random things I do for our crew that I really never thought I would do- I can truly say this is not what I expected my life to look like. Disclaimer- I really do love my life, this is just a matter of me making fun of the strangeness in which I exist. So, here is a bit of a run down of all the things I did just this week for our gaggle. This does not include the cooking, cleaning, errands, bath times, homework... you know the things that we just simply have to do when we give our staff the week off (by staff I mean my cook, 2 full-time maids, 2 full-time nannies and a personal assistant). Okay, here we go for real.

  • Augmentative Communication Therapy
  • A meeting to work on tweaking the parents concerns section of Timothy's upcoming IEP meetings (that is right plural, at least 3) to get into Kindergarten.
  • Behavioral pediatrician for Timothy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Refill a prescription that was just filled last week because it spilled somehow and we just simply have to have the meds.
  • Worked on a schedule communication board.
  • Mouth Time- another therapy for Timothy that we get to do at home.
  • Communicated via email at least 8 times with a certain 2nd grader's teacher.
  • Emailed the behavioral pediatrician twice
  • Got a call from the behavioral pediatrician
  • Did Cogmed (a five-week intensive computer course that is supposed to help with working memory- I can't remember what else) with Madeline for about an hour each day.
  • Called a certain 2nd graders teacher
  • Had a meeting with Timothy's teacher to work on his IFSP
  • Helped in Madeline's Sunday school class- not normally special unless you consider I was really only there to keep her in line.
Well, that is all I can think of right now.

Two stories of the day-

Timothy- I walked in to get him up from his nap and saw that he is sleeping straight on the board of his bed, you know, below the mattress. This is not unusual for him, but then I looked over and the entire mattress was out of his bed! This is a new thing. The fun never ends!

Sadie- She heard about my post yesterday about Timothy's BFF and was jealous. She wanted a BFF too! Well, not to worry, she found her at last! She waved, blew kisses, smiled and laughed at her. Who is she you ask? Sadie- well, her reflection in the window. She also has a friend on the stove.


  1. Hey, this is Joy's friend Jessica...just letting you know that I'm here and reading :) I'm not so good with the comments - but I do keep up with reading new posts! From what Joy's told me, your life sounds very interesting...glad you're on to blog about it!