Sunday, January 17, 2010

Try it again.

Okay, so I failed the first time, but I am going to try it again. Blogging that is. I have not quite figured out why or if people would actually read it. Worst case, it would be nice to try to remember my life in little snip-its. I have such a terrible memory, this may help.

Since I am not that creative I thought it would be easy to just write about my exciting life. I must warn you, it will be sarcastic, sometimes a little sad, but hopefully funny. I love my life and my family above all else. It just so happens that my life is insane. Things are terribly stressful at the moment and have been for a few years. In fact, I keep thinking surely it will get better, but not quite yet. Anyway, somehow I manage to laugh a lot and make fun of it all. That is called coping.
Today was quite nice. Nothing too crazy. Church in the morning where I helped in Madeline's class. For some reason she likes when I am there- I can't figure out why though. I feel like I am always on her case. I was not being super anal-retentive (oh yeah, I am just going to say what I like and not worry about language for now), but just stopped her from sucking her fingers, laying on the floor, things like that. Well, I guess there was the whole sitting beside her and snuggling during the story and watching her help sing up front. Cute.

After church, Madeline, Timothy and I stopped at Babies R Us to get a baby gate (one more way I can make my home feel more like a prison). This, of course, was the second try- the first one never works out. Then home, cogmed with Madeline, baby gate, lunch and a 45 minute nap (oh yeah, that's right, a nap). Finally there was a tad bit of work, home community where I made sweet potato chocolate chip waffles and now here we are. Josh and I just watched a terrible movie while I was working on this here blog. Nice day.

First- Sadie said "Uh oh!" when she dropped something. She is also becoming quite good at the itsy bitsy spider.

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