Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One of "Those Days."

Well, today was not especially horrible, just a day that kept going and going and going... It all started at 2:45am- (teething and never have been a good sleeper) Sadie woke up and played for a bit until Josh gave her a bottle at around 3:15. Then, we woke up at 4:45am to exercise (oh, aren't we so good). While in the shower I realized that I had not taken Timothy to get some bloodwork done- woo hoo (that is said in a dull tone). So, I immediately got dressed and decent enough to leave the house where I was privileged enough to lay on a cot with Timothy basically barring him from all movement (me and two others)- it actually wasn't as bad as anticipated. Well, you get the point. So, right now it is 8:20ish and I am just now sitting down. I am tired to say the least.

Highlights of the day-
  • I was changing Sadie's diaper and forgot in the middle if I had actually done it.
  • I drove all the way to the grocery story (not a typo- Madeline) and realized that I had forgotten the list and my coupons- so, yes, I went back.
  • I found out that I can have Timothy's diapers paid for by the state.
  • I am now watching Big Love and about to have one of those Betty Crocker mini Warm Delights- if you have not tried them you should- they are scrumptious.
Finally, here is a list of my pocket contents at the end of the day :)- this does not include things that transferred in and out throughout the day-

1. A grocery list
2. A toilet paper roll with a bite out of it
3. A piece of gauze with tape on it
3. A pen
4. A single sock
5. A pair of socks
6. A piece of paper that I don't have any idea where it came from
7. A stick
8. A tourniquet- one of those things they tie around your arm when you have blood taken

Good-bye today, here I come Betty Crocker!


  1. A toilet paper roll with a bite out of it? Awesome.

  2. I like how there's both a sock and a pair of socks. I also think you should tell more details about the blood drawing. As in, just what does it mean to bar Timothy from movement.