Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Timothy's BFF

Today was a good day. Nothing super great and nothing super bad. That is, unless you are Timothy Pond. Apparently the love of his life has returned! None of us really knew it had left, even Timothy had all but forgotten. Then it happened! While atop the climbing structure in our garage/playroom/not-a-place-for-a-car-so-it-makes-me-crazy, Timothy was happily tearing up the plastic cover to a mattress (one of those that you use to move a mattress in) when he spotted his long lost love- the wild animal fitted sheet!!!!! This sheet was not on the mattress of which he was tearing up the cover- oh no- it was on a previous mattress that he had destroyed which was also wrapped in plastic (for more info on the garage mattress situation please see below). He immediately used his prowess as a baby raccoon to claw his way over the large mattress. Well folks, this is where I come in. I hear Timothy screaming (not at all uncommon) his, "I am not mad or hurt, but I could use some help" scream. So, I walk over to find and rescue him from a precarious position and am not at all moved. Timothy is on a mission to save his BFF and does not let me get away so easily. Through his- amazing communication without speaking- ways mixed with my- I'm a mom, so I somehow know what my children need- ways the sheet was rescued! Hooray!!! Timothy was in a good mood for the rest of the day. He was seen hugging the sheet, cuddling with it, huddling underneath it... At one point I even saw him completely covered up under the sheet with one arm out trying to find and then throw a toy. It does not get much sweeter!

Garage Mattress Situation-
1. Madeline and Timothy now share a room, so that displaced a queen sized mattress that was formerly Madeline's bottom bunk. It was nicely stowed in the garage wrapped in thick covering awaiting its next mission until Madeline and then Timothy took care of that. Now, I guess I need to go find another cover...
2. Timothy went on a "Destroy All Mattresses!" campaign a little while back. Well, I tried to save one. I thought that maybe it was not too bad, so I have been thinking about how I can fix it. In the meantime I put the BFF fitted sheet on it to hold in the stuffing and wrapped it in the plastic cover that the newest mattress came in. Now that I engineered a cover for the current mattress that will hopefully last a little longer and can then be made again if necessary, I think I may go ahead and get rid of it.

Also, our garage has been turned into a playroom/therapy room for Timothy. Apparently he needs places that are okay to climb and swing in and really just destroy. While it goes against all I stand for to have a garage that has no cars in it, it sure is nice for Timothy to have a place to play and climb. Now, if we could just figure out what to do with the rest of the stuff.

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