Friday, January 22, 2010

This is definitely a blog-worthy day

To say that today was hard would be too easy. Today was a lot of things, exhausting, stressful, painful, happy, hopeful and sweet all at the same time. Let me just give you the run down. I woke up at 5am to exercise (yes, still doing that)- kickboxing. It was funny to see how terrible I am at it and exasperating to see how Josh looks like he does it everyday. He was tired too, but his form was crazy good. Then, it was off to get ready. As I am about to start eating my first appointment of the day (Madeline's teacher) calls. I take my tea and toast and go upstairs to chat with him for almost an hour. Yep, nothing like an hour long conversation about how Madeline is having a hard time at school to start off your day! Immediately after that, I say hello to Josh, Timothy and Sadie while I get out the door to go to a closing for a client. It was a pleasant signing especially since it was 2 weeks before schedule- crazy to have a house close, much less close early, in this market. From there, I ran to meet Ashley, Timothy and Sadie at OT (Occupational Therapy)- I was only 15 min late. While there Timothy did really well! His therapist was excited and we could not believe he was doing so great. We just started him on some meds to help calm his regulatory system down some so that he can be less activated- did that sound official? Well, it is starting to work! Next, we went straight to our behavioral pediatrician's appointment for Timothy. Well, he saw Timothy and then we talked a lot about Madeline. Apparently Timothy is starting on the right track, but we have derailed (to put it mildly) a bit with Madeline. We are having to make adjustments and it was simply difficult to talk about. I love our behavioral guy, he is becoming like one of the family- maybe because he knows so much about our family and still likes us (Wait! We pay him). From there, I went home and got the kids started on lunch- well, Josh studied at home this morning and made their lunches and one for me too. After Ashley had it all under control I went to my next meeting. On the way there, I called Madeline's neuropsychologist to see if we should even continue cogmed and the school psychologist at a local elementary school to make the first of many meeting appointments to get Timothy into kindergarten. The next meeting is an IFSP meeting for Timothy- that is the yearly meeting where you talk about your goals and the schools goals for Timothy to determine eligibility for services through the county. It is always good to be there, but for me, it is overwhelming and a stark reminder about how far we have to go. His teacher is really great, has such a good outlook and really does love Timothy. We were able to talk more about next year and what that may look like. After that 1 1/2 hour meeting I was on my way home when I realized that I should probably go get the prescription of Timothy's that had mysteriously been spilled by an imaginary person- we really do not know what happened, but are so thankful for insurance yet again. While at Target, I may or may not have stopped and gotten some brownies to make when I got home (I still have not made them though). Then I got home! Whew- what a day! Wait, there is more!!! I get home and talk to Ashley for a few minutes before she leaves and then Madeline comes right in. Madeline is acting a tad crazy (by a tad, I mean a ton) and I am being super nice patient mom for a bit. Then, I finally just ask if she took off her patch (meds), well, yes she did folks. That's right everybody! My daughter who is already wacked out on the wrong dose of one medication completely takes off the most important one. Well, I did the only thing I could think of- get her eating snacks that are not sugar coated cereal which was her find and then go upstairs where I sit on my bed and take big deep breaths. While taking those deep breaths though, I smell a Timothy diaper. I say a Timothy diaper because a dirty diaper does not convey the terror that a Timothy diaper does. Not only is it dirty, but we have to air out the upstairs after each one. To make matters worse, changing Timothy's diapers require scissors and tape. Well, I calmed down, got up Sadie and then went in for Timothy. Luckily he still had his clothes on and we took care of things. Okay, we are almost done, I promise. After I have all the kids downstairs I give them snacks and then we just play until Josh gets home. Oh, while I gave them snacks I had to actually do some work for clients and write funny emails to Madeline's teacher about needing to drink. We made it!!! After he got home I walked Madeline down to a birthday party (before you ask why I would do that to a poor unsuspecting family, I put a replacement patch on Madeline simply so she could go to the party). Then, I came home and stared off into space while Josh fed Sadie and Timothy. They are now in bed and I am doing this- therapy- until I have to go get Madeline which is now.

Can someone get me some meds?

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