Thursday, January 28, 2010

Whew...That Stinks!

I realized that it might be fun to tell stories from the past- there are so many I could not think where to begin. So, I went with the first one that popped into my head.

Not too long after we adopted Madeline and were living in Wisconsin I had quite a surprise one afternoon. Keep in mind that I was a new parent, not even 6 months behind my belt. Going straight to a 3 year old is mighty tough, especially when the 3 year old does not speak english and makes parenting triplets seem like a walk in the park- I am not joking! So, back to my surprise. I was enjoying a nice restful afternoon, Madeline was supposedly taking a nap. I was so thankful she was sleeping after an especially trying morning. I remember being SO ready for nap time, not unlike the present. So, I quietly went into her room, ready to wake up my little princess when, to my utter surprise, there was feces smeared ALL OVER THE PLACE! Sitting in the bed was an innocent, but guilty, little Russian. What did I do you ask? Well, my first instinct would have put me on the 10 most wanted- Abusive Parents addition. To prevent, this I took a deep breath (not through my nose), picked up Madeline, and set her on the stool (the kind that you use to sit on) next to her bed (I think she could tell by my shock that she needed to stay put if she knew what was good for her) and left the room. I took a few more deep breaths and called my sister. My recollection was that I was crying and just asking what I should do. I mean, when I read the manual on raising perfect children this was not in it! Did you see that section? I must have missed it or it was in a later edition- who knows. Surprisingly she did not have the answer. When I spoke with my wise father later that day he had an interesting opinion, "maybe she was just expressing her artistic side." That was a big load of... what she put on the walls! Well, after crying while cleaning, scrubbing and doing laundry I somehow managed to push through and am still alive today. What is really funny, in a sad kind of way, is that that would not be the only poo cleaning event of my life. In fact, I currently do it on a regular basis. Timothy, our little problem solver, has gone above and beyond to make that incident seem like a fairytale. His situation is a little different, nevertheless it is what it is. He is a master at escaping the confines of things like cribs, clothes, diapers- you get the point. Ahhh...livin' the dream!


  1. You picked a great one to start with! I remember that story well, and another little detail from it ;)

  2. You mean that her hands were mysteriously clean?! The fun never ends...

  3. omg. that. is. insane. i use to work at a place where kids would hide their poop and pee all over their rooms and I'd have to clean it up. but dude, I got to go home. haha! I love this blog, Jen! I am now your faithful follower and can't wait to read more stories :)